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  • Cathy has been helping us with the financial aspects of our business for the past (9) years. She's been a pleasure to work with, right through from helping us plan its inception (incorporate vs. partnership), helping us set up book-keeping and payroll, as well as the annual tax preparation. As we were new to owning and managing a business, she was an amazing font of information about everything we needed to get (and keep) going. In recent years, she has taken on our personal taxes as well, and shows the same diligence and integrity that we see on our business side. Thanks Cathy!

    - Tamara & Trevor W.

  • Cathy Lough Li has prepared my personal as well as my corporate taxes for Kingsley Publishing Services since 2009. Cathy is efficient, organized, and astute. and always patient. I highly recommend her services.

    - Charlene

  • My name is Pauline Chisholm and I currently own a corporation that contracts its administrative services to the Oil & Gas sector in Calgary, Alberta. Cathy Lough-Li was recommended to me over a year ago at my previous contract position. My company hired C Lough-Li Professional Corporation to complete the 2015 Corporation Tax and my Personal Income Tax. I have found Cathy Lough-Li to be a highly motivated individual who has undertaken the responsibility of completing my Corporation Tax in an extremely efficient, organized and timely manner while maintaining a strong knowledge of the current Alberta Corporation requirements as well as those of the Canada Revenue Agency.Cathy has an optimistic and an encouraging outlook and has mentored me throughout the year on all aspects on the process while completing the task. Cathy and her team have gone above and beyond my company's expectations by setting out a detailed agenda of all upcoming requirements and followed up with me to completion.One of Cathy's strengths is her ability to recognize and analyze a situation quickly and expertly determines a course of action. Cathy's review of past years of my corporation looks proved to me that she is thorough and detail oriented with a proven ability to lead. I have put my trust in Cathy and her team and have gladly re-employed Cathy Lough-Li Professional Corporation to complete my 2016 year end corporation tax.

    I highly recommend C. Lough-Li Professional Corporation due to its efficient, ethical and courteous team oriented qualities.

    - Pauline Chisholm

  • It's always pleasant to come and see Cathy with her cheerful attitude and her caring ways. Her mandate is to make sure that nothing is missed and everything is accounted for literally and figuratively. She doesn't sit and wait for you to get in touch at tax time. She will make sure to get you in on time. She never turns her nose up at the minutiae that can make the average person get frustrated. She will help you get through it with a very positive and persistent attitude. If you can pass her checks and balances, you can rest assured that everything was filed correctly and nothing was missed. She is also the type of accountant that looks at the whole picture whether commenting on finances or life goals. She always cares and listens. Filing my personal and business tax has never been more of a pleasure.

    - Sara Klinghoffer

  • AWSN needed to modernize our bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting during a period of very rapid growth and wanting to work towards audit/review for future management options. We chose Cathy Lough-Li and her small company over going with a large accounting firm and value her experience with non-profits and charities. We needed and appreciated her advise and guidance to get started with our new bookkeeping system and the preparation of our first externally prepared financial statements. We now chose to stay with her for her know-how and how she has come to understand the bones of what we do. Best of all is her personal touch.

    - Wendy Anne Hutchins

  • I approached Cathy a few years ago to do the family taxes as due to our investments, it was becoming too complicated to do myself. She took the time to review the previous 3 years of tax returns (that I did myself), and to help correct any mistakes that were made. Over the course of the last few years, I have started two small businesses that have required a large amount of tax and financial advice. Cathy has been very important in these situations to make sure that my businesses were structured properly, and when assets were moved into the business, what the proper method was to do this. She continually stays on top of all the changes to tax law that happens from year to year, and makes sure that we are aware of anything that will affect us throughout the year. This helps us to plan and consider investments throughout the year rather than waiting for a last minute scramble to try and adjust accordingly. She continues to advise us on our family taxes yearly as well as prepares financial statements and tax forms for each of my businesses. Anytime throughout the year, she is always willing to answer questions and offer advice when particular situations arise. Cathy is a valued member of team of professionals we use to manage our family finances as well as our businesses.

    - Colin Wright

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